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Commentary, Opinion, blogs and Other Tidbits

Inside the Embrace — commentaries on Argentine tango and life — The hidden history of tango, Christine Denniston's research
Tango Voice — The Voice for Tango Argentino in North America
Tango Articles — Daniel Trenner and Rebecca Shulman kink to facebook
The Machismo Academy of Tango Perfection — David Gurr's creation
Articles at Dance of the Heart — by Deb Sclar, Brian Dunn and others
La Potranca — Veronika Fischer's observations and advice for djs
My Tango Diaries — Mari Johnson's Blog
TangoCherie — Cherie Magnus' Tango Blog

Melina's two cents — Melina Sedo writes about her work, studies and encounters.
Tango Chamuyo — Janis Kenyon's Blog
Tango Australia — commentary and observations
Nuria Juncosa's Tango Animation — now on YouTube

Mandragora Tango Music Blog — featured in the Mandragora Orchestra's website

Tango Music
About the Music
Tango Musicians and Orquestas

Orquesta Color Tango

Tango Berretin

Pablo Ziegler
Pablo Aslan, Advantango Records
Hector Del Curto
Hyperion Ensemble
San Telmo Lounge
Gotan Project
Trio Garufa
Mandragora Tango Orchestra

Tango CDs for sale
Streaming Audio

Other Interesting Tango Links

Tango Travel
Tango at Sea — tango cruises
Inspiration Tango Holidays — tango holidays in Europe
Tango Holidays — tango holidays in Italy

Tango Companies, Shows, Movies and Documentaries

Tango X 2 Company — some classic tango stage shows
Tango Pasion — a touring musical with Sexteto Mayor
Forever Tango — some things do seem to last forever

The Tango Lesson — a film by Sally Potter
The Devil's Tango — Bob Moretti's vision

Tango Con*Fusión — an innovative dance company from San Francisco — Tango Show Tickets, Buenos Aires

Tango DVDs & CDs for Sale — tango CDs and videos, Niagra Falls, New York — tango CDs, UK — tango books, ebooks, DVDs, and rare CDs-mp3s
Tango Bar Productions — instructional videos for sale

Tango Splash — tango clothing, shoes, videos and CDs, USA

Tango Clothing for Sale

Tangoleva — tango clothing, USA

Betsy Henderson Designs — tango clothing, USA

Tango Splash— tango clothing, shoes, videos and CDs, USA

Mimi Pinzon — tango clothing, Buenos Aires
Pepi Tango — tango clothing, Florence, Italy
TangoMode — tango clothing, Gdansk, Poland
Rosa Tangomode — tango clothing, Berlin, Germany
Tango Star Moda — tango clothing, Greece
TangoLace— tango clothing, Hungary

Tango Shoes for Sale

Maleva Shoes — Comme Il Faut shoes imported to the United States

Mr. Tango Shoes — Argentine tango shoes and other products, Miami

Darcos Dance Shoes — Argentine tango shoes, Buenos Aires

Guaranteed Fit Tango Shoes — Argentine tango shoes, Toronto, Canada
Diva Boutique — Argentine tango shoes
Laura's Comme Il Faut Shoes — imported by Laura Pellegrino to Austin, Texas
Arika Nerguiz Tango Dance Shoes — manufacturer and exporter, Montevideo, Uruguay
Argentina Tango Shoes — Argentine tango shoes, Buenos Aires
Mythique Tango Boutique — Argentine tango shoes, Buenos Aires
Nocturna — customized Argentine tango shoes, Dallas
Tara Tango Shoes — Argentine tango shoes
Tango Splash — tango clothing, shoes, videos and CDs
BiniciDeri — Argentine tango shoes, Istanbul, Turkey

Tango Art, Photographs, Books and Misc.

Candice White — tango photographs — tango books, ebooks, DVDs, and rare CDs-mp3s
Tango, Tangoing: Poems & Art — Mong-Lan's book of poetry and art
Cristian MacEntyre — plastic arts, paintings, posters
Tango Artist— Tango Paintings and Prints by Dvora Kanegis
Abrazos Books — German publisher with several tango books

Mythique Tango Botique—Tango Paintings

Tango Magazines
ReporTango — from New York City
El Farolito — Paris Tango Magazine
Tout Tango Magazine — from France in French
Tango Reporter — in Spanish from Los Angeles
El Tangauta — from Buenos Aires in Spanish

Tango Dancers and Teachers

Florencia Taccetti
Nito & Elba
Gloria & Eduardo
Andres Amarilla and Meredith Klein
Daniela Arcuri
Luren Bellucci — (website not working)
Brooke Burdett
Mauricio Castro
Nora Dinzelbacher
Mariela Franganillo (linked in)
George and Jairelbhi Furlong
Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo
Alex Krebs
Hsueh-tze Lee
Hector Mayoral and Elsa Maria
Yvonne Meissner
Susana Miller
Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne
Milena Plebs
Fabian Salas
Melina Sedo and Detlef Engel
Tango Con*Fusión
Daniel Trenner
Luciana Valle
Pablo Veron
Carolina Zokalski and Diego DiFalco